When running programmatic campaigns, does the question “Can I comfortably deliver my media and achieve my goals?” continually run through your mind? With the new and enhanced Forecaster in the new Sizmek DSP, you can analyze inventory across all platforms, including delivery type by budget, pricing, and impressions.

1. Use Slice By to Understand Total Daily Inventory Available

Slice By allows users to analyze daily inventory availability by diverse variables including channel, geo, and exchange. Understand your campaign at a granular level, and make decisions based on a customized scorecard that includes qualified bid requests, impressions won, unique devices, and more.

2. The Dynamic Forecaster Chart that Does it All

This chart breaks out Forecaster data by CPM categories and generates an average for each one. This allows customers to show graphically how a campaign can be fulfilled by budget, delivery, and impressions. The chart is based on wins, so you can be confident your campaign will run smoothly and seamlessly.

3. Did someone say Boolean Logic?

The new Forecaster fully supports Boolean Logic, allowing for complex audiences to be built and targeted in the platform. With this feature, you can hyper-target customers and increase engagement.

To learn more, contact dhoreena.ventura@sizmek.com

Dhoreena Ventura

Product Marketing Manager