Like many organizations, Sizmek has a set of corporate values that we strive to inhabit as a company and in how we do business. But our corporate values aren’t just about big policies—they’re also about the everyday actions and efforts employees make to support their colleagues, serve our customers, and inspire the people around them.

To celebrate those efforts, Sizmek conducts a peer-nominated recognition initiative to recognize and reward employees for exemplifying our values in their daily work. Six winners—one employee for each value—are recognized and celebrated at Sizmek’s global Town Hall presentations each quarter. Congratulations to the latest winners of Sizmek Values Awards!

Be Curious

Andre Gonzalez, Customer Success Manager, Sao Paolo  

Knowledge is even more powerful when you share it, which is why Andre Gonzalez’s natural curiosity is such a great asset to his customers. Andre is an innovative thinker who continually seeks out improvements and new solutions for Sizmek clients to keep them delighted with the service they get from our company.  He enjoys learning about new products, new tools, and new processes, and then mastering them so his clients can take full advantage. Along with being curious, Andre is also a team player who enjoys helping his teammates—and they think he’s amazing to work with.

Be Courageous

Jennifer Esquivel, Senior Program Manager, Austin

Flying solo doesn’t phase Jenn Esquivel. She has been in charge of migrating a large number of users from JIRA to Quick Base during Q4. In under three months, she oversaw the entire process—from gathering requirements and having the app built to training, deployment, documentation, and user migration. It takes a lot of courage to direct a migration project like this one without a dedicated team, on a short timeline, and without extra budget. Jenn got it done—even while managing other work. Throughout the process she’s remained supportive of users and her teammates. Ask anyone who’s worked with Jenn, and they’ll say she has courage to spare and inspires the people around her.

Be Supportive

Avi Gabay, R&D Team Leader, Herzliya

R&D is an department that combines meticulous research with incredible high-level creative thinking—supporting each other as different solutions are tested is vital to supporting overall innovation for product success.  Avi personifies this in his work, particularly when it comes to tackling the migration of numerous clients to Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS), specifically with some of the most complicated DCO programs for clients and completing SAS data milestones. Avi is super passionate about making innovative products that ensure success for Sizmek clients.

Be Inspiring

Kamalan Moodley, Director—Solutions Engineers, London

Every day, Kam inspires the people around him to do better. Even with his heavy workload, he makes  himself available to his team to share his knowledge of all things Sizmek. He is a key player when things need to get done in the most effective way to fulfil client needs. In addition to being a great leader and role model, Kam never shies away from a challenge. He  takes a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to everything he does, coming up with solutions that maximize the potential of his people and support revenue-driving initiatives for the company. Kam is a contemplative team player, incredibly knowledgeable, and truly inspirational.

Be Flexible

Lucy Xu, Customer Success Manager, Shanghai

Hardworking and always ready to step in and help, Lucy Xu is just the kind of adaptable teammate you want working by your side. In her daily operations work and in supporting the sales team, Lucy always give her all to make clients satisfied. No matter how urgent the campaign or how complex the execution, she maintains a positive attitude and endless patience to find solutions for her clients. Lucy’s flexibility and warm heart are a positive influence on her entire team.

Get It Done

Maria Aygelson, Technical Product Manager, Herzliya

Whether it’s a big project or extra workload, Maria gets it done. She was a driving force behind a recent major UI upgrade of SAS Analytics Report Builder, leading the project from design to general availability, while working with multiple engineering teams simultaneously. Maria has also proven to be a real team player, supporting the SAS analytics engineering team for several weeks while a colleague was out. She managed to get all product deliverables done on time and under tight deadlines, all while maintaining a calm attitude.

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